Learn how to choose best of Upholstery Fabric

The moment you are planning to move to a new apartment, you almost find yourself to standing on the cloud nine on one hand and very concerned with the entire decoration on the other hand. But in case of shifting to a new apartment the very first thing that should click on mind is to do up with your house interior. It’s the well decorated interior which can make you feel heavenly. Any in case of embellishing your house interior the walls, the painting, the color and furniture etc. play a key role to empower the beauty of your entire dwelling. If you are pretty satisfied with the room colors or with the old classic furniture then won’t try something new that will make your house to look even more beautiful than ever. If you are such a worshipper of beauty and if an artistic persona is lying beneath the outer cover of your mind’s periphery then you are absolutely eligible to play with the upholstery fabric. Well, if you haven’t thought about it then you must gather some knowledge about this wonderful home décor idea that can give a royal touch to your home sweet home.

Upholstery fabric


Upholstery fabric can be considered as the wall hanging curtains. A beautiful curtain is always a bravo idea for decorating your windows with. The more fabrics the curtailers will carry, the more beautiful your room as well as the windows will look. The same concept also goes for the ceiling or walls in a room. It’s always boring to view a dull and conventional wall painting everywhere. You can be little artistic with your walls or the ceilings by adding beautiful fabric upholsteries against them. Splendid wall hanging upholstery is always a bang on idea for those who always love to walk the different path by going out of the box.


Are you religious? Or you are hardcore romantic? Don’t worry. If your stipulated budget is constantly preventing you to buy some beautiful portraits for your old house, then go for the fabric upholsteries, where you can put your favorite design, made up of several glossy and colorful threads.

Do you remember the scripture? Especially that portion where the Satan is combating with the almighty and finally lose the battle? If this particular scenario gives you utmost strength or uplifts your low mood within a while, then you can apply this fabric in your fabric upholsteries.

If you are in love with the bright shades, then you are going to get the opportunity to paint your upholsteries with those beautiful colors what you want to see around. Basically, using the fabric upholsteries is not only a very different concept about interior decoration but it’s completely within your budget. Hence, you don’t need to turn into an insomniac by thinking lot about your stipulated budget rather immediately along with that very low budget you can fly on your wings of dream.


Your house is the best place to show your creativity. If you have an innate creative persona in you then don’t let it die and do up your apartment with the beautiful upholsteries.

Best Choices For Upholstery Fabric

There are over 1000 different upholstery fabrics available to choose from. Which can sound quite exciting at first, but once you start to dig into all those choices you can become pretty overwhelmed. Although, it is great to have as many options as possible. There are still a few things to look for in order to find the best upholstery fabric choice for you. Here is a quick look at what the best choices for fabric are made up of.

Fabric Content: What Is It Made Of?

Knowing the pros and cons of each type of material that can be used to make fabric will help you select the right fabric for you. Natural fibers are generally made up of of flat weaves that are perfect for prints. It is softer than other fibers but since it is natural can fade in direct sunlight. Natural fibers consist of a variety of materials. There is cotton, which is extremely absorbent making it perfect for dyes. It is durable and a great choice for furniture used daily. Wool is one of the most versatile natural fibers and it is very resilient and can keep its appearance for years. Silk is one of the more prestigious types of fiber. It isn’t very resistant to light or moisture so it’s best for furniture that will be used only occasionally. Two other great natural fiber options are linen and the lesser-used rayon. Synthetic fibers are those that are made by imbedding chemicals into fiber strands. They are more durable than other fibers and very resistant to fading and staining. Synthetic fibers consist of material like; acrylic, polyester, Nylon, Olefin, and Polypropylene.

Fabric Types: How Is It Made?


How the fabric is woven together is a big part of which upholstery fabric is right for you. There are several different ways for yarn to be turned into fabric. Most fabrics are woven on a loom and can have very intricate designs in a variety of colors. Fabrics can be knit together, like a blanket but don’t really have much stability. So they aren’t commonly used for upholstery. Velvets are known for their luxurious feel and lavish appearance. They are created on a loom like woven fabrics but are two pieces of fabric that are woven together then cut apart.

Choosing the best fabric now can save you a lot of time and effort in the long one. There are some that are durable enough to be used every day while others are too fragile for everyday use. So depending on what you will be using your upholstery for you will want to use the best fabric choices for you. Always keep in mind what each type of fabric is good for and what they are not and you will have no problem finding the best one.

Bean Cubes: The Perfect Informal Touch For Any Room

Are you cheesed off to see the same old dull interior designing and furniture? Even the formal furniture’s design make you upset and even you can see the face of your angry boss whenever you come across all those formal furniture that you had bought long back and unfortunately they are the terrific look alike of that furniture that your boss had provided you to embellish your office chamber? Or you are planning to remodel your interior and do up your room the way, which will fill your room with fun and rejoice? Then you can incline for the latest designed bean bags, which are especially, made up for people like you. The colorful bean bags are the most bang on companion for your personal spaces, and the cost of these bean cubes will never go beyond your stipulated budget. Well, if you want to know more about the bean bags before you make your mind to bag it, you must go through the following detail about them.

Bean cube?

It’s natural for all to not to picture bean cube as the perfect furniture to keep in any corner of an apartment if you know very little about them. Well, bean cubes are nothing but the soft and cosy seating chairs, which you can alter with the wooden couches. The most notable feature about the bean bags are its unique design and the softness. The colorful, fun designs will give a fun look to your living room and compliment the other furniture as well. The soft-woolly material that the bean bags are made up of, will give you the ultimate comfort and relaxation that you demand when you are in the mood to chill out after a long hectic day out.

When color become your playmate


Bean cubes come in different designs as well in several shades. From formal to terrifically informal, from fun to funky, from shady to neutral- bean bag is always the bang on idea for making some fun with your room. Even you can be extremely creative with the pop shades of bean bags. The bright, luminous colors of bean cube will work as a splash of color even if you own a faded-dull, old living room. And bean bags are the best ideas for distracting your guest’s attention onto your favorite room. In case if you want to counter reply the unnecessary tantrums thrown to you by your neighbors by making them envious with your beautifully decorated room, then the bean couches are the best to play the role of catalyst.

Pick the perfect size

Bigger sizes are never the best idea in case you are choosing it for a less specious room. An over sized bean cube will create more complications for your small non specious room rather than to complement it. Hence, if you are looking for to keep a comfortable yet portable sized bean couch at the corner of tiny room, then you have got to bag the appropriate size which will not seem oversized or odd for the wideness of your room.


Seating out beside your pool and enjoying a glass of chilled drink or chilling out with any of your favourite beats- everything is incomplete without the soft-cosy bean bags.

Soft furnishings Make Your Home Lovely And Liveable

An old, dull room plays the cupid between neighbors’ laughter and your embarrassment. But it’s not possible for you to follow the ongoing interior fashion trends, especially if you hate to spend extravagantly. If you are bored with your old-dull room which irritates you a lot when you plan to throw a bash to your neighbors at your place or invite some of your office pals to chill out. Basically, it’s the uprising market rate and your staple salary which play the catalysts in invoking your repulse. Hence, it’s always better to think smart and play even smarter. If you own a spacious old apartment with a very little numbers of dull furniture, then you can be a little creative to do up well with your rooms. It’s always a good idea to bag a number of furnishings of different shades and designs to give your apartment a royal touch. If you are still skeptic, then have a look at the brief detail of the soft furnishings.

Welcome bean bags

A modern apartment or a colorful room is incomplete without the colorful bean bags- the modern age couches. Well, if you own a gigantically spacious room and have got to deal with a little number of dull furniture, then now it’s time to move on and bid adieu to your down in the dumps state of mind. Being a modern age person, you should better try out something absolutely new. You should better switch to the soft and colorful bean bags which will not only give a whole new look to your old apartment, but also leaves you with a wide smile since they will never go beyond your scanty budget.

But in case of choosing the bean bags you need to be a little judgmental about the sizes of the bean bags. Bigger sizes are never the best idea in case you are choosing it for a less spacious room. An over sized bean bag can ruin the beauty of your tiny room. It will create more complications for your small non spacious room rather than to improve it. Hence, if you are looking for to keep a comfortable yet portable sized bean couch at the corner of tiny room, then you have got to bag the appropriate size which will not seem oversize or odd for the wideness of your room.

 When cushions are your best friend

The moment you want to de-stress yourself by purging out all your excess pressures, you need to arrange a pool party or good friends hang out at your place. Seating beside the pool and enjoying the goblet of red wine or chilling out with grooving with the beats of your favorite track- everything becomes futile if you can’t arrange that appropriate ambiance at your own place. But it’s also true that you can’t spend extravagantly for remodeling your place. Hence, you better click for the alternatives soft furnishing and that is of course the bean cubes and bags.

The colorful, soft, cozy bean couches will play the cherry on the cake, if you choose the right colors, textured and sized beans. Embellishing them with the trendy cushion covers is even more brilliant idea.


So, instead of spending a lot for the vintage furniture or the royal paints, you better go for the bean bags, colorful cushions and thus to convert your apartment into paradise.

Best Resources For Home Décor Ideas

The countdown for the Christmas and subsequent New Year has already started and you might feel tired with gathering ideas about giving a complete new touch to your little dwelling, isn’t it? But Christmas and New Year come with a millions of requirements. Requirements to buy foods, gift the closed one with extravagant gifts, shopping new clothes and so on. So it’s your compulsion to not to look at your apartment which you need the most to decorate on these gala days. But after millions of buys you can’t afford to think of doing up with your apartment or especially with the aged furniture. So, it’s better to be creative and emphasize on the alternatives home decor which you can afford on one hand and on the other be tickled pink at the end. Here are some exclusive room décor ideas that will help you to do wonder with your tumbledown apartment.

The curtains

The curtains are best friends of not only female members of your family but plays cupid between the wall shades and windows. Curtains with different colors, beautiful floral prints, and super glossy materials go wonderful with any of your rooms and these curtains are within your budget. If you love the old age classic decoration style, then you can opt for the long curtains which will kiss your floor and mesmerize your eyes with its glimpse of beauty. The smaller sizes are even better option if you are pissed off with your less spacious rooms. The pop colors, trendy prints will completely change the look of your home décor that will make you to pat upon your back on your own.

The couch


A beautiful seating corner is the most relaxing zone of your entire apartment. You always feel special and very cozy about this seating zone. Instead of the classic wooden couches, you better think of bean bags which will add extra splendor and beauty to your old room. From seating beside the pool and enjoying the goblet of red wine to the little chit chat with your pals, your chilling out with the grooving beats of your favorite tune- everything is almost incomplete and dull without arranging some beautiful seating chairs. The bean bags are the best and cheapest option if you believe in spending less and getting more theory.

Bigger sizes are never the best idea in case you are choosing it for a less spacious room. An over sized bean cube will create more complications for your small non specious room rather than to complement it. Hence, if you are looking for to keep a comfortable yet portable sized bean couch at the corner of tiny room, then you have got to bag the appropriate size which will not seem oversize or odd for the wideness of your room.


So, this Christmas better depend on the above ideas and make a whole new interior with bagging such affordable furniture. It will save your money, as well as save your energy.


How Hard Is It To Sew Your Own Curtains?

The answer to the above question is that it is not at all hard to make your own curtains. If you are DIY lover and love to decorate your house with your own hands you can make the curtain of your room easily. There is no need to buy those expensive readymade curtains when you can make it at home. Here are tips for those who find it hard and sew your own curtains. Go through this and work accordingly to get beautiful curtains for your room.

Know your needs

It is important for you to know why you are using the curtains at your room. The needs of the rooms are different and the need will decide the fabric you will need for your curtains. Ask yourself the question- do you need the curtains for privacy. For such purpose you need the heavy materials that are not see-through. If the curtains are solely for decoration you can try the transparent and the light coloured ones. If you want to stop the heat to come in then you have to choose light colours and cotton fabrics that will reflect the heat from entering into the room. If you want curtains that will make your room a little dark you need heavy fabrics and dark colours. Thus, know your preferences and sew your own curtains.

Get your tapes ready


Measure the window panes where you want to put your curtains. This is the general rule that the curtains should be around two times of the width of the window. The more you have the cloth the more folds you can have on the curtains. You also have to put some extra cloth for the length as you have to put the hems on both top and bottom.

The measurement of fabrics

This is where you have to think about the measurement. The fabric is dependent on the width of the curtain. The decorative ones need less width whereas the non decorative one needs more cloth as the width caries for the different materials.

The tools

The thing you need for making the curtains is the rods. If you have one already you need to buy a new one. You will need a sewing machine to make the holes of bands of the curtains that will attach the curtain with the rods. The other things that are required for sewing are the pins, thread, fabrics, measuring tape, pencil, a large table, ironing board and the washing machine.

To start the work

You have to choose the fabric according to your choice and preference. It has to be washed as the cloth often sinks a little. Put it in the machine to create the hems at the top and bottom. Keep proper place at the top if you want to put it inside the hook. Cut the cloth in right measurements to start the sewing. Make sure the loose ends that have thin blends of the fabric after being cut is sealed by the sewing process. Iron the sides to make it toned and straight. After the sewing is complete iron it once again and then hang it.